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By working with ASTRYA you will get more than professional legal representation.

Specialized in giving the best solution to your problems.


ASTRYA combines more than 40 years of experience in the legal and technological fields and was created with the same objective that has always characterized its professionals: to find the best and fastest solution to our clients' legal problems._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

For this we have a specialized team in all areas of law who are committed and above all, passionate about their work.

Our mission is to be a  benchmark law firm  and we are proud to be able to help more people with our services every day.

Pareja distanciado


Separations and divorces, Guardianship and custody, Food and compensatory pensions, Modification of measures, Parental authority, Disability.


Real Estate, Horizontal Property, Leases, Contracts, Inheritance, Civil Liability.

Edificio de apartamentos residenciales
Las pilas de monedas


Does your  company   have an adequacy problem or do you not know where to start with the GDPR?

We are here to help you. ASTRYA provides you with knowledge, suitability advice and DPO services

Our professional practice in Information Technology makes it easier for  nuestros clients to have a group specialized in ICT Law and is involved in the so-called Digital Transformation of society, actively participating in the main activity forums, specialized associations and professional associations. 

Aprendizaje de la computadora


IRPH, Floor Clauses, Mortgage Expenses, Credit Card Interest, Preferred Participations, Subordinated Debt, Dation in Payment, Mortgage Foreclosures, Guarantees.

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