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Real estate law is a specific area of law practice that regulates such important issues for people as property and possession, leases, evictions, real rights and all those legal businesses on these issues. From the preparation or advice on sales contracts, deposit contracts,  regular leases and with purchase option, as well as issues related to the management of urban licenses, whether they are building permits or Aspects related to communities of owners and the corresponding  urban regulations.

In our real estate law area, we deal with all contractual acts or legal actions in which our assets are involved at a preventive, resolutive or contentious level.

Who can benefit?

Individuals or legal entities that act as communities of property, patrimonial, that have the category of owner, tenant, usufructuary, bare-owner, donor, donee, builder, buyer, seller, promoter.


What we offer?

  • Extensive experience in legal proceedings related to evictions, Resolution of sales due to contractual breach, claims for construction defects, claims for deposit contracts, etc.

  • Extensive experience in the preparation of purchase and sale contracts, lease, deposit, reservations.


What is the OBJETIVE?

The first objective is the prevention of future conflicts by activating a good consultancy in the matter to be dealt with, drawing up contracts that do not leave the interests of our clients to the interpretation of anyone, and defending before the Courts and Tribunals any discord, breach or damage that harms to our customers.

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