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We think about you


Who can benefit?

When starting a business or a business project, any help

economics is important. We believe in the value of experience and that is why we position ourselves clearly with entrepreneurs, with start-ups, with freelancers who know about their business but doubt what legal obligations being an entrepreneur represents. That is why ASTRYA is determined to support entrepreneurs so that their project can be developed with the maximum guarantee of success.


What service do we offer?

We are willing to provide help that goes beyond economic capital. Complete advice on regulatory compliance and legal requirements. We have great agreements with agencies that will facilitate the work so that you can dedicate yourself to what you really know: your products and services, with all the legal support.

And if you have already started, but you have a problem in your Company, we can help you without a doubt. Call us or write to our contact website and we will find the way to solve your problem.


How do we offer it?

With dedication, with a vocation for service and with the permanent certainty that you will never be alone.

And it is that we are not only oriented to a private profile, we are fully trained for the Public sector and fully aware of the needs of individuals and SMEs. We are constant, patient and professional, capable of giving our exclusive attention to each new case and accompanying you at each stage of the process.

why do we do it...

With ASTRYA, you can expect the best. We are a new breed of law firm in a challenging and changing market, helping clients navigate the most complex legal issues, regardless of their status.

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