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The definition of the Dictionary of the Spanish Language, in its second meaning, says that liability is the "Debt, obligation to repair and satisfy, by itself or by another, as a result of a crime, guilt or other legal cause" .

The damages are the damages or deteriorations produced to a person or to a property by another party and the damages are that income or collection that should have been received from that good of the damaged heritage or of the damage produced to a person.


Compensation for damages is the consequence of having proven civil liability. This means that a person has received from another an impairment of a good or his person and that it is necessary to be compensated for it. Our Civil Code is very clear in this sense: "Whoever causes damage to another through fault or negligence, is obliged to repair the damage"

Both individuals and legal entities may be required to pay this compensation for damages.

The damages can be the damage caused to a good, part of the patrimony, the damage to the person himself or even moral damages.

Who can benefit?

Any person who suffers a loss in his person or assets due to the fault of a third party, regardless of whether he may be a natural or legal person.


What we offer?

  • A legal team that has been claiming damages for 25 years, having to our credit famous Judgments that have marked not only our path but also that of other firms for similar cases.


What is the OBJETIVE?

Compensate our clients for the damage suffered through economic compensation that meets their expectations and compensates for the damages suffered.
It does not matter what kind of damage or injustice it is, whether due to an interference, an accident or neighborhood nuisance, we will study your damages and seek to claim your Rights.

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