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The second chance is: HELP AND FLEXIBILITY

Who can benefit?

Service aimed at individuals, families, freelancers, businessmen, those whose financial resources are in a dead end where their payments are higher than their income, we advise you, without commitments or risks.


What we offer?


  • Study and compilation of documentation and debts.

  • Preparation of out-of-court agreement proposal with creditors.

  • Attendance at meetings held with creditors.

  • Application and processing of insolvency proceedings until the exoneration of liabilities.

  • Personalized treatment and continuous contact with the Client.


We offer the alternatives that best suit your situation. We have agreements with liquidation companies for monthly installments, in a flexible way: Solve your debt, with your flexible installments and with our negotiation.
Start a new life.

Bailarina de ballet

Let's be flexible

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