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Right of succession

On a daily basis, in everyday life, we tend to  use terms such as "heir", "testament" "legitimate". These words are legal figures that are part of the   inheritance law and that to a greater or lesser extent any citizen handles and understands, because it directly affects their family sphere. But what does succession law consist of professionally? How can a specialist lawyer help in such a delicate situation as the legal replacement of a deceased person? 


Well, this specialty must be understood from the point of view that inheritance law   is the part of private law that is responsible for defining how and to whom the rights, obligations and assets of a person are transferred when dies. There are certain rules that are responsible for defining not only the distribution of these assets and rights, but also the form that wills should take, how this transfer takes place in cases where there is no will, as well as what are the reasons why that the potential heirs are excluded from the succession of the deceased or "decedent".

The Civil Code and the regional regulations of each Community,  are responsible for determining how the distribution of assets, obligations and rights is carried out  as well as evaluating whether the will , if it exists, is valid to generate that right of the heirs. We must not forget that in Spain, the Civil Code is responsible for defining the general legislative framework of inheritance law. This common law establishes from the rights, goods and obligations that an inheritance includes - the valid forms that a will can be constituted, what is the way to challenge it in case it fails to comply with the legal characteristics and / or contains defects. However, most of the Autonomous Communities have regulated specific territorial aspects of application in inheritance law, especially in reference to the tax effects that this entails in each Community, in such a way that the specific community law will prevail and must be addressed, in general, to the place of habitual residence of the deceased person to determine which is the law  applicable to the succession.

Having lawyers specialized in Inheritance Law is the greatest guarantee of justice in the replacement of the deceased person according to the will or according to the applicable norm.

Who can benefit?

Service aimed at all individuals, any type of inheritance or transmission of rights or assets "inter vivos", donations, heirs, trusts and anyone who is in a problem with assignments in "intestate" successions (without a will) and needs to resolve in an efficient, professional and non-judgmental manner.


What we offer?

  • Study and structuring of the documentation inherent to the case.

  • Exhaustive calculations of rights and obligations, legitimate and widow

  • Attendance at meetings held with the remaining heirs.

  • Continuous search for the best solution for our Client.

  • Personalized treatment and continuous contact with the Client.


What is the OBJETIVE?

Find all the alternatives that best suit your situation. Together we will find the best solution to a problem that meets the needs and expectations.
We focus on the best solution to the problem you pose to us.

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